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How To Install CosmoSIS

HPC uses Scientific Linux (5.7?), so try to follow these directions...

The first problem is that loading the enthought hides the system libcurl (and libz) and breaks https access, so we have to purge all modules.

module purge
cd /share/dm/all/build
curl -L --remote-name https://bitbucket.org/joezuntz/cosmosis/downloads/cosmosis-bootstrap
chmod u+x cosmosis-bootstrap
./cosmosis-bootstrap -d cosmosis

The bootstrap method loads everything, including gcc 4.8.2 and apparently doesn't skip anything that is locally installed. For example, after doing

module load gcc/4.8.2

I have CC, etc, defined but it does not use it.

The bootstrap step takes 1-2 hours (mostly doing large downloads, so use ionode). The final step is the make (so use dm):

cd cosmosis
source config/setup-cosmosis

Note that you still need to run with module purge, otherwise I get compile errors (probably some hiding of shared libs).

At this point, the first two demos run fine.