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How to use the atom editor

Home page (with download link) is here.

These notes are after a few days of using atom, so caveat emptor. Feel free to improve this page with your own experience and suggestions.

After installing, run and select "Install Shell Commands" from the "Atom" menu, which provides the atom and apm commands.

Suggested packages to try:

  • editorconfig: automatically configures editor prefs to correctly format code in bossdata and other packages that include an .editorconfig file.

  • linter: provide real-time feedback on coding style and/or potential syntax errors.
    • linter-flake8: python customization for linter, which requires that you have already flake8 installed (via pip install flake8).

  • minimap: shows a thumbnail view of the current buffer along the right-hand side.
    • minimap-git-diff: a quick visual overview of all changes to the current file since the last commit.
  • pandoc: show html previews of different markup formats (useful for previewing .rst docs, but this isn't working for me yet).

For linter-flake8 I set "Preferred Line Length" to 95 in the Settings tag.