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Gitolite Repository

Migration of existing user repos from gitolite

Any existing repositories that refer to the old gitosis service (pre 2013) need to be updated to point instead to the new gitolite service. To determine if your repo points to the old service, use:

% git remote -v
origin  gitosis@darkmatter.ps.uci.edu:changeme.git (fetch)
origin  gitosis@darkmatter.ps.uci.edu:changeme.git (push)

There might be other entries if you also have a github remote alias. To update the gitosis entries, use (change origin to whatever appears before the gitosis@darkmatter... lines displayed by git remote -v and remember to change changme.git to the actual repo name):

git remote rm origin
git remote add origin git@darkmatter.ps.uci.edu:changeme.git

At this point, everything should be back in synch and you can safely use gitopic on any open topic branches. Remember to do this for all of your existing checkouts of any of the following packages that were hosted on the original gitolite service:

baofit bosslya challenge10 cosmo gbapp imengine ksb likely lost

Add new user

Changes are made to a local checkout of the gitolite-admin package and then pushed back to the server. Only user dkirkby can make changes to this package.

Copy their laptop public key to .../keydir/<username>.pub. Optionally, also copy their darkmatter key to .../keydir/darkmatter/<username>.pub being sure to use the same username.

Append the new username to the @groups line in .../conf/gitolite.conf

Commit and push changes back to the server.

See here for details.

Add a new package

Append the new package name to the line that begins repo baofit bosslya ....

Commit and push changes back to the server. This creates a bare empty package on the server. From here, there are two options:

Brand new package

If the package is brand new, make a local clone of the new package and start committing to it (change changeme below!):

git clone git@darkmatter.ps.uci.edu:changeme.git

See here for details.

Existing local package

If, instead, you have already made some commits to a local repo and just want to start tracking it on the server, use:

git remote add origin git@darkmatter.ps.uci.edu:changeme.git
git push --all origin

See here and here for details.

Debug ssh Problems

This is a useful command to run from the server:

sudo -u git -H /usr/local/bin/gitolite sshkeys-lint

For details on ssh troubleshooting, see here.


Create git user following these instructions.

Install from here. Details on the LSST gitolite are here.

The following clones gitolite into /usr/local/etc/gitolite and makes a soft-link /usr/local/bin/gitolite for the top-level script:

sudo adduser --system --shell /bin/sh --gecos 'Git Version Control' --group --disabled-password --home /home/git git
cd /usr/local/etc
sudo git clone git://github.com/sitaramc/gitolite
sudo chown -R git:git gitolite
sudo gitolite/install -ln /usr/local/bin
# public key from my laptop already copied to the server
sudo cp dkirkby.pub /home/git/
sudo -u git -H /usr/local/bin/gitolite setup -pk /home/git/dkirkby.pub

To remove gitolite, use:

sudo deluser --remove-all-files git

Test that it is working from my laptop (use full path to ssh to bypass any alias):

% /usr/bin/ssh git@darkmatter.ps.uci.edu info
hello dkirkby, this is git@darkmatter running gitolite3 v3.3-7-g3e87a08 on git

 R W    gitolite-admin
 R W    testing

Do initial checkout of admin package on my laptop:

cd /home/dkirkby/git
git clone git@darkmatter.ps.uci.edu:gitolite-admin darkmatter

Migration of Gitosis bare repos

Copy bare git packages from gitosis under /backup/darkmatter/srv/gitosis mostly following these generic instructions, but see also these gitosis specific instructions (but we are not trying to migrate gitosis config):

cd /home/git/repositories/
sudo cp -R /backup/darkmatter/srv/gitosis/repositories/*.git .
sudo rm -R gitosis-admin.git
sudo chown -R git:git .
sudo -u git -H /usr/local/bin/gitolite setup

I probably should have deleted gitosis-admin.git before running the setup command above. Instead, I actually deleted it afterwards.

Add the following lines to gitolite-admin/conf/gitolite.conf on my laptop then commit and push back to the server:

@group      =   dkirkby dmargala

repo baofit bosslya challenge10 cosmo gbapp imengine ksb likely lost
    RW+     =   @group