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Installing Prerequisites

scons was installed with sudo apt-get install scons.

After the 2013 server rebuild (See here for details) the lcblas library was not included, but LAPACK was. Therefore, the Scons script was modified using the following:

scons FORCE_FBLAS=True

python-dev was installed with sudo apt-get install python-dev.

You will need to download the TMV library,

wget http://tmv-cpp.googlecode.com/files/tmv0.71.tar.gz
tar -zxf tmv0.71.tar.gz
rm tmv0.71.tar.gz

and install it to a local directory

cd tmv0.71/
scons install PREFIX=<installdir>

Download and unpack GalSim

wget https://github.com/downloads/GalSim-developers/GalSim/GalSim-v0.1.tar.gz
tar -zxf GalSim-v0.1.tar.gz
rm GalSim-v0.1.tar.gz

Build and Install

In the GalSim base directory, build GalSim using:

cd GalSim-v0.1/
scons TMV_DIR=<tmv-dir>

Install Galsim using:

scons install

There are also some example executables and demo scripts that come with GalSim, and are useful. These can be built by typing:

scons examples

The executables will then be visible in 'GalSim/bin/'