baofit is a software package for analyzing cosmological correlation functions to estimate parameters related to baryon acoustic oscillations and redshift-space distortions. The code has primarily been used to analyse Lyman-alpha forest autocorrelations and cross correlations with the quasar number density in BOSS data. Fit models are fully three-dimensional and include flexible treatments of redshift-space distortions, anisotropic non-linear broadening, and broadband distortions.

For a more detailed description of the fitting methods, see "Fitting Methods for Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations in Lyman-alpha Forest Fluctuations of BOSS Data Release 9" (Kirkby et al., 2013).

Support files to reproduce the following published BOSS results with baofit are included in the data/ and config/ folders and also directly linked below. A zip file of the whole package, including these files, is available. Instructions for using these files are here.

PaperFilesχ2 Scan
"Baryon Acoustic Oscillations in the Ly-α forest of BOSS quasars" (Busca et al., 2013) data cov config scan
"Measurement of Baryonic Acoustic Oscillations in the Lyman-alpha fluctuations in BOSS Data Release 9" (Slosar et al., 2013) data cov config scan
"Quasar-Lyman-alpha Forest Cross-Correlation from BOSS DR11 : Baryon Acoustic Oscillations" (Font-Ribera et al., 2014) data cov config scan
"Baryon Acoustic Oscillations in the Lyα forest of BOSS DR11 quasars" (Delubac et al., 2015) data cov config scan
"Broadband distortion modeling in Lyman-α forest BAO fitting" (Blomqvist et al., 2015) data cov config scan

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